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  • The Mother of Korea - Biographical Novel
The Mother of Korea - Biographical Novel

Biographical Novel of the glorious and brilliant life and patriotic activity of the great Mother of Korea, Kang Ban Sok.

Kang Ban Sok devoted all her life to the struggle for the rebirth of Korea, for the liberation and freedom of the Korean People. The conditions under which her revolutionary activity was conducted were very hard: repressions of the malevolent Japanese imperialists, double and triple exploitation and oppression of the landlords and capitalists; however, she endured all the misfortunes and adversities with fortitude.
The great Mother of Korea who bore and raised the respected and beloved leader of the Korean people, Comrade Kim II Sung, was an ardent Communist and a staunch revolutionary. The heroic life and deeds of this greatest, wisest, most renowned and beautiful of Korean women remains an illustrious example for all women.
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 325
Dimensions: 21x15cm
Weight: 500 grams

The Mother of Korea - Biographical Novel

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