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  • The Korean Central History Museum
The Korean Central History Museum
Main Historical Museum in Pyongyang

From the introduction:

The respected and beloved Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung has said:
"Ours is a single nation with 5000 years of history; it is a valorous ambitious nation that has been vigorously fighting against foreign invaders and successive reactionary rulers from olden times; and it is a talented nation that has contributed greatly to mankind's development of science and culture."

In the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung had already elaborated a far-reaching plan to develop a brilliant national culture in the liberated fatherland. Though he was busy with building the Party, the state and the armed forces after the liberation, he founded, first of all, the Korean Central History Museum on the 1st of December, 1945 (earlier than any other cultural institutions.)

Under the wise leadership of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and the Dear Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, the Korean Central History Museum has become an authorized edifice of the national cultural heritage for giving patriotic education to the working people and students.

Displayed in this museum are historical remains and materials showing the struggle and creative activities of our people in the long period from the old Stone Age to the March First Popular Uprising in 1919. The remains and materials of the primitive age are displayed in order of age-the Old Stone Age, the New Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

Included are relics in the periods of Kojoson, Puyo, Chinkuk, Koguryo, Paekje, Silla, Palhae and Li dynasties.

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The Korean Central History Museum

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