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Koryo Museum
Famous Museum in Kaesong, Capital of Koryo Dynasty 935-1392 BCE

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This is KORYO MUSEUM, published by the Cultural Relics Publishing house in Pyongyang, North Korea.

A rare opportunity to view the historical antiquities in this important but rarely visited museum in North Korea.

The Koryo Museum is at the foot of Mt. Songak in Kaesong, North Korea, the Capital of Koryo Dynasty 935-1392 BCE, which was the first unified state in Korea. It is in the building of Songgyungwan, which was the central institute of education in the Koryo dynasty. The museum exhibits more than 1,000 remains related to the evolution of the history, economy, science and culture of Koryo. Around the museum are various works in stone including pagodas, monuments, lamps, stupas and Buddhist statues.

Songgyungwan consists of 12 main buildings, including the Myongryun Hall, the Taesong Hall, the East Hall and the West Hall, plus six auxiliary buildings, including the East Dormitory, the West Dormitory, a house for incense and a storehouse of Confucian scriptures. The relics are on show in the Taesong Hall, the East Hall, the West Hall and the Kyesong Temple. Songgyungwan is a precious historical remain which shows the educational system and architecture of the Koryo dynasty.

Koryo Museum

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