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  • Korea In the 20th Century - 100 Significant Events
Korea In the 20th Century - 100 Significant Events

Analyis of 100 of the Most Significant Events in Korea, From 1884 to the Present Day

Includes information on:
- the reformist revolution of 1884
- Japanese confiscation of Korean land
- beginnings of Korean Communist Party
- Korean Peopleís Revolutionary Army
- The Campaign Against Illiteracy
- Korean War, including U.S. atrocities at Sinchon
- exodus of people from Capitalism to Socialism
- accomplishment of industrialization
- the tax-free country
- the advent of the Juche Idea Study Groups
- the "Magna Carta of the Juche Idea"
- the Eternal President of the DPRK
- culture and revolutionary operas
- construction of magnificent buildings
- capture of the USS Pueblo
- Panmunjom Incident (known in the West as the Panmunjom axe murders)
- suppression of Kwangju Popular Uprising in South Korea
- repatriation of unconverted long-term political prisoners from South Korea
Öand much more.

From the bookís introduction:

The 20th century left unprecedented marks in the history of mankind. Korea, too, witnessed events of great significance in this century. It experienced the humiliation of national ruin, fought two bloody wars, and has experienced national division for more than half a century. The country, once eclipsed in the 20th century, is now demonstrating itself as the country of Juche, the country of Chollima, and its socialism, centred on the masses, is making a victorious advance. But, it has undergone many vicissitudes and trying experiences.

This book deals with some of the significant events that took place in Korea in the 20th century. The events treated in this book are not necessarily correlated with one another. It is compiled in a way different from other books on history, and we hope that this book will help readers have a better understanding of Korea.

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Korea In the 20th Century - 100 Significant Events

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