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  • Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 6
Kim Il Sung - Reminiscences With the Century Vol. 6 is an autobiography of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung's early life and the Anti-Japanese Struggle for Korean Independence between the periods March 1937 - November 1937

Chapter 16: Yalu River Crossings (March 1937 - May 1937)
1. Expedition to Fusong
2. Hundreds of Miles from Xiaotanghe at One Go
3. Guardsmen
4. Across the Whole of Korea
5. Kwon Yong Byok
6. Events to Which I Could Not Remain Indifferent
7.The Mother of the Guerrilla Army

Chapter 17: Korea Is Not Dead! (May 1937 - June 1937)
1. Flames of Pochonbo (1)
2. Flames of Pochonbo (2)
3. Joint Celebration of Army and People at Diyangxi
4. Photographs and Memory
5. The Battle of Jiansanfeng and Kim Suk Won
6. The Boys who Took up Arms
7. My Thought About Revolutionary Obligation

Chapter 18: In Midst of Sino-Japan War (July 1937 - November 1937)
1. To Meet a New Situation
2. Kim Ju Hyon
3. Getting the Peasantry Prepared
4. Choe Chun Guk in His Days in the Independent Brigade
5. The September Appeal
6. My Experience of the "Hyesan Incident"

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Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 6

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