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  • DVD Centre Forward - 중앙공격수
Title: Centre Forward - 중앙공격수
Format: DVD - All Regions
Theme: Sports
Language: Korean with English Subtitles
Length: 75 minutes

Script: Sol Ju Yong
Directors: Pak Chang Song, Kim Kil In
Photography: Pak Son Gyu

Main Cast
Cha In Son: Kim Chol
Coach: Pak Tae Su
Ham Chol Gyu: Choi Chang Su

Footballer Cha In Son is about to make the leap from benchwarmer to key player of Taesongansan Football Club, but his poor performance in a crucial match erodes the confidence of teammates, club managers and In Son himself. The path to success is unclear; however, inspiration from an unlikely source as well as the coach’s political words of encouragement galvanise the players into tackling the physical, mental, and spiritual efforts they need to regain their winning form.

Enduring pain and self-doubt, In Son develops from headstrong apprentice into role model. His team faces a great challenge, but is all their training enough to win the match and to gain back the respect of their somewhat fickle fans? Will Cha In Son cement his position as the team’s talismanic centre forward?

Produced in 1978, this North Korean football-themed movie contains elements universal to all sports movies but also retains a distinct local flavour. Unique North Korean cultural aspects infuse relationships between players and management, family members, and senior and junior players. Fascinating both as an example of North Korean filmmaking and a strong story of overcoming athletic adversity, Centre Forward is at once inspirational, dramatic, amusing, and educational. This foreign re-release coincides with North Korea’s qualification for only their second ever football World Cup. Even better, by showing the sport’s importance in societies very different from our own, this illustrates the truly universal appeal of the ‘beautiful game’.

DVD Centre Forward - 중앙공격수

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