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  • Outstanding Leadership and Brilliant Victory
Outstanding Leadership and Brilliant Victory

Pictorial of the Korean People's Army in the Korean War and Modern Times, Under the Leadership of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung.

The first and last parts of this book show present day Korean Peopleís Army (KPA) Infantry, Navy, Worker-Peasant Red Guard Units, along with tanks, artillery, missiles, etc. The central part of this book is on the Korean War and includes:
- The "U.S. invasion" of North Korea that started the Korean War,
- The North Korean mobilization and counterattack,
- The "Liberation of Seoul" by the North Koreans,
- The Liberation of Taejon by the North Koreans,
- The Liberated Areas of South Korea,
- Defence of Wolmi Island (during MacArthur's amphibious invasion of Incheon in 1950),
- Statistics on battle casualties from the First Stage of the War (up to September 15, 1950),
- Map of Attack/Invasion routes,
- Second Front (guerilla) Units Operating Behind Enemy (i.e. U.S.) lines,
- Counterattacking U.S. forces with help of Chinese Peoples Volunteers in November 1950,
- Battle on Height 1211,
- Battle on Height 351,
- Production and Transport of War Supplies by North Korean Civilian Population,
- Statistics on U.S. atrocities during Korean War,
- World Opinion on the Korean War,
- Statistics on human casualties and material destroyed by warís end,
- Pictures from Korean War museum in Pyongyang.
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Outstanding Leadership and Brilliant Victory

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