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  • Anecdotes of Kim Jong Il's Life 1
Anecdotes of Kim Jong Il's Life 1

From the book's Forward:
Kim Jong II was the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) who enjoyed worldwide respect.
He was a genius of ideology and theory. He systematized and developed the Juche idea and the Songun idea—great ideologies guiding the era of independence. He founded the perfect answers to the theoretical and practical problems arising in carving out man's destiny, achieving the prosperity and development of a country and nation and building a beautiful future for mankind.
Under his unique leadership, his country was turned into one where all the people are united single-heartedly, which is unprecedented in the political history of the world, and into a socialist fortress, which no imperialist enemy, however formidable, dares to attack. The Korean people are now making dynamic efforts to open the gates of a thriving socialist country, which has strong national power, and in which everything prospers and the people live well with nothing to envy in the world.
Kim Jong Il's humanity, ennobling sense of moral obligation, outstanding wisdom and knowledge, iron-like faith and will, and unexcelled courage and mettle move the world's people.
Etched in the 70-year history of Kim Jong Il's life are legendary anecdotes that form a portrait of a great man.
This book contains some of these anecdotes.

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Anecdotes of Kim Jong Il's Life 1

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