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  • Kim Jong Il the People's Leader Vol 2
Kim Jong Il the People's Leader Vol 2
Biography of the Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il From Early Adulthood to Middle Age

Included in this fine volume are:
- numerous inspirational anecdotal experiences that moulded his leadership abilities
- dawn of the new revolution in art and literature
- days of great changes, economic construction and the rapid rise in living standards of North Korean citizens (electrification of villages, availability of new consumer goods etc.)
- Bringing a cultured and happy life to the people of North Korea through the strong promotion of cultural activities

- an attractive, faux-leather cream colored hardcover binding
- gold-colored gilded lettering on hardcover
- glossy photo dustjacket
- red satin ribbon page marker.

Dimensions: 21x15.5cm
Weight:420 grams

Kim Jong Il the People's Leader Vol 2

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