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  • Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 7
Kim Il Sung - Reminiscences With the Century Vol. 7 is an autobiography of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung's early life and the Anti-Japanese Struggle for Korean Independence between the periods November 1937 - March 1940

Chapter 19: Overcoming Tribulations
1. The Matanggou Secret Camp
2. The Weasel Hunter
3. The Last of the Independence Army Forces
4. Village Headman Wang and police Chief Wang
5. Expedition to Rehe
6. My Meeting with Yang Jing-yu
7. Grandma Lee Pok Ik
8.In the Forest of Nanpaizi

Chapter 20: Raising A New Flag For Revolution December 1938 - June 1939
1. Arduous March
2. The Lesson of Qingfeng "Women Spy Incident"
3. The Salt Incident
4. Battle of Taehongdan
5. The Tano Festival at Yushidong
6.Women Fighters and Revolutionary Honor

Chapter 21: Large Unit Encirclement (July 1939 - March 1940)
1. A Woman Came to Visit the Secret Camp
2. Chinese Landlord Liu Tong-shi
3. Confronted by Hundreds of Thousands of "Expedition" Troops
4. Oh Jung Hup and His 7th Regiment
5. The Man from Phyongahn Province
6."Let Us Defend the Soviet Union with Arms"
7.The End of the "Maeda Expedition" Force

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Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 7

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