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  • Historic Moran Hill
Historic Moran Hill

Moran Hill is located in the central part of Pyongyang, the capital of the North Korea. The hill is noted for its curious features and beautiful scenery, as well as its political significance.

The hill is associated with the revolutionary history of President Kim Il-sung, leader Kim Jong Il and anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk. At the foot of the hill Kim Il-sung in the 1940s had an emotional meeting with people of North Korea and made a historic speech after his triumphant return to the homeland after years on exile.

There are multiple monumental structures located on Moran Hill. They include the Arch of Triumph, Kim Il-sung Stadium, the monument to President Kim Il-sung's handwritings from his address at a rally to welcome him on his triumphant return to the homeland and the mural painting in commemoration of President Kim Il-sung's speech on his return. At the foot of the hill is the Jonsung revolutionary site, which conveys the revolutionary achievements of President Kim Il-sung and the Hungbu revolutionary site which is associated with the history of leader Kim Jong Il and includes trees bearing slogans written during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

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Historic Moran Hill

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