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  • DVD The Story of Our Home - 우리 집 이야기
Title: The Story of Our Home - 우리 집 이야기
Format: DVD- All Regions
Theme: Drama
Language: Korean with English Subtitles
Length: 101 Minutes

Ri Jong A, the heroine, is a girl in her late teens who has just finished a senior middle school. Going on an errand for her mother who was a colleague of Un Jong’s parents before their death—they were model workers at the Chollima Steel Complex—she begins to visit the home of the orphaned children. Un Jong’s family kept a book titled The Story of Our Home which describes dreams and happy life of the parents and children.

Based on a story about the maiden mother loved by all people across the country, particularly respected by the young people, the film received the Best Film award, at the 15th Pyongyang International Film Festival held in 2016, when the heroine was given the Best Actress of Feature Film award.

DVD The Story of Our Home - 우리 집 이야기

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