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  • Kim Il Sung Works Vol 07
Kim Il Sung Works Vol. 07

Collection of 48 Speeches, Orders to Military Units, Directives and Other Works by Kim Il Sung As He Directed all Military and Civilian Operations During the Second Half of the Korean War. Covers the period from January 1952 - July 1953. Includes:
- Orders to military units to step up mountain warfare and night operations,
- Conducting positional defence and counterattack from tunnels,
- Launching aircraft and tank hunting team movements
- Making effective use of artillery fire,
- Radio addresses, including radio address to Korean People on the conclusion of the Armistice Agreement,
- Statement on exchange of prisoners of war,
- and much, much, more.

Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 466
Dimensions: 21x15cm
Weight: 620 grams

Kim Il Sung Works Vol 07

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