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  • Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 5
Kim Il Sung - Reminiscences With the Century Vol. 5 is an autobiography of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung's early life and the Anti-Japanese Struggle for Korean Independence between the periods May 1936 - March 1937

Chapter 13: To Mount Baiktu (May 1936 - August 1936)
1. We Struck Commander Wang and Won Over Wan Shun
2. In the Dear Walled Town
3. Premiere of The Sea of Blood
4. The Women's Brigade
5. The Secret Camp on Mt. Paektu
6. Patriotic Landowner Kim Jong Bu

Chapter 14: The People of Jangbaik (September 1936 - December 1936)
1. West Jiandao
2. The Sound of the Watermill
3. Lee Jae Sun
4. With the Comrades-in-Arms in Southern Manchuria
5. Samil Wolgan

Chapter 15: Expanding Covert Actions (December 1936 - March 1937)
1. The Indomitable Fighter, Park Tal
2. Homeland Party Working Committee
3. Fighting at the Foot of Mt. Paektu
4. Tojong Park In Jin
5. On Chondoism, a National Religion
6. Living Apart from the People Is Impossible
7. A Written Warranty for a Good Citizen

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Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 5

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