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  • Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 3
Kim Il Sung - Reminiscences With the Century Vol. 3 is an autobiography of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung's early life and the Anti-Japanese Struggle for Korean Independence between the periods February 1933 - February 1935

Chapter 7: The People's World (February 1933 - February 1934)
1. The Home Base
2. The Enemy's Ground by Day; Our Ground by Night
3. The Choice between the Soviet and the People's Revolutionary
4. The Man from the Comintern
5.The Memory of a White Horse
Chapter 8: Raising Anti-Japan Banners (February 1934 - October 1934)
1. Ri Kwang
2. Negotiations with Wu Yi-cheng
3. The Battle of the Dongning County Town
4. A Comment on Ultra-Democracy in the Army
5. Operation Macu
6. Arsenals in the Thick Forest
7. An Immortal Flower
Chapter 9: The 1st North-Manchuria Expedition (October 1934 - February 1935)
1. The Korean People's Revolutionary Army
2. The Haves and the Have-nots
3. Crossing the Laoyeling Mountains
4. The Sound of a Harmonica Ringing Across Ningan
5. The Snowstorm in the Tianqiaoling Mountains
6. In the Bosom of the People

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Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 3

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