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  • Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 2
Kim Il Sung - Reminiscences With the Century Vol. 2 is an autobiography of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung's early life and the Anti-Japanese Struggle for Korean Independence between the periods May 1930 - February 1933.

Chapter 4: In Search of a New Direction (May 1930 - December 1930)
1. The Rev. Son Jung Doh
2. A Spring of Trials
3. The Kalun Meeting
4. The First Party Organization
5. The Korean Revolutionary Army
6. Poet Kim Hyok and How I became 'Kim Il Sung'
7. The Summer of 1930
8. Crossing the River Tuman
9. An "Ideal Village" into a Revolutionary Village
10. Unforgettable Men and Women
Chapter 5: People Up In Arms (January 1931 - April 1932)
1. The Earth in Agony
2. The September 18 Incident
3. To Oppose Armed Force with Armed Force
4. Preparations for a Bloody Battle
5. The Birth of a New Army
Chapter 6: The Year of Tribulations (May 1932 - February 1933
1. To South Manchuria
2. The Last Image
3. Joy and Sorrow
4. Joint Operations with Yang Se Bong?
5. With an Ideal of Unity
6. Together with the National Salvation Army
7. Autumn in Xiaoshahe
8. On the Heights of Luozigou

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Kim Il Sung Reminiscences With the Century Vol 2

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